Heal Patterns

Nonviolent Communication


Whenever you find yourself in a conflict with another being, follow this simple process when you speak about an incident or feeling.

Fire Ritual


Select a symbolic object for a weakness or an old, unusable pattern that you want to put down and change. Then you light a fire with a clear mind and working order. Tell it that it is used to transform an old pattern, and thank is for its cleansing power. Sing a song of the fire, or talk further with it. Pass the object on to the fire and think of the purification and transformation. Finally thank the fire for its power. [...] 

Recognize the mirror

Everything that happens in our life, is a reflection of our inner life. And it's got the power to gift us with big insights.

STOP negative feelings


The stop technique gets us out of feeling like fainting circuits that have guided us in early childhood situations and the associated negative feelings.

Quick Prayer to transform negative Emotions (Karol Truman)


This prayer is focused on powerful trust and the ability to let go. If we are already able to trust strongly and let large amounts of energy flow, the divine power itself will clarify the problem and resolve old beliefs.

Return old beliefs


In us many negative beliefs are active, which have been set by other people or situations. It is important to recognize these patterns in the alpha state as active and to fully recognize, accept and heal them.

Walking through emotions (Samarpan)


Every unconscious belief and thought about ourselves is connected with certain feelings. To allow yourself to feel them means to accept them. To accept the feelings means to love them and to transform them.

Blank forgiveness (Serge King)


Often unconscious beliefs work in the background, especially feelings of guilt and anger at ourselves. As soon as we can forgive this, the pain and the unpleasant pattern can be resolved.

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