Interviews Erwachen

In diesen Interviews sprechen Mystiker unserer Zeit über "das Erwachen" – Die Veränderung der Wahrnehmungs-Perspektive, wo das Unveränderliche, Formlose ICH BIN sich selbst erkennt.

Samarpan: Meine Erfahrung des Erwachens


Samarpan talks about his awakening experience. The former Osho disciple discovered his true nature in a retreat with Gangaji. Now he is traveling through the world as well, talking and joking about „enlightenment“ and showing his students their true nature.

Interview Gangaji (2007)


Interview with Gangaji

Avasa Retreat in Den Haag


Avasa was born in Wales in 1947 and realized his true nature with the age of 23 - without any kind of spiritual practice. His message is very clear and simple, without "religious or spiritual" attachments. In fact he often states that enlightenment is nothing special but very simple and ordinary.

Adyashanti: Awakening Interview


Adyashanti talks about his awakening experience. When the former athlete and bicycle racer discovered spirituality, he practiced meditation with the same determination.

Mukti Awakening

Mukti: Stillness Interview


Mukti, wife of Adyashanti, talks about her search for truth, her awakening experience and her relationship to her husband.

Peter Russell Awakening

Peter Russell: The Great Awakening Interview


Peter Russell talks in this interview about his awakening. He is the author of many books about spirituality, and the re-unity of consciousness and science.

Byron Katie Awakening

Byron Katie über ihr Erwachen


In this Interview, Byron Katie talks about the experience that ultimately leaded to her awakening.

Eckhart Tolle Video

Eckhart Tolle On His Awakening (2012)


Eckhart Tolle, famous teacher of the moment, explains in detail his awakening and inner experiences.

Ananta Video

Ananta: Waking up to your essence


During her stay in jail in Japan Ananta experienced a strong shift of perception and later found to her truth in a retreat with Dolana in India.

Chris Hebart

Chris Hebard: Die Reise zur Stille spricht


After a series of strokes of fate Chris experienced a complete breakdown, space, peace and disorientation, and a loss of thoughts and identity.

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