Feel the body – EutoniaDen Körper erspüren – Eutonie


Lie down and relax. Put your attention into any body part you want. Here you can go from top to bottom through the body or choose to go intuitively into certain body parts.
Feel yourself in this part of the body and stay in it. Then touch it with a tiny movement from within or from outside by using a finger stick, stone, etc.
Experience the quality of this body part, let images arise, perceive blockades consciously and solve them in a playful manner. [...] 



If you’re angry or upset loudly scream your anger out in a suitable location; Don’t hold anything back.

Background & Impact
Hardly any exercise brings your inner energy flow back into balance like screaming does. Screaming releases blocked energy centers and makes the whole body vibrate. Children don’t only cry to get their mother’s attention but also for energetic and mental balance.
Some therapists are love the screaming exercises so much that they prescribe daily hours of screaming to their clients. With this the expression becomes habit and therefore loses its dissolving and liberating character. Best to listen to your inner feeling.Wenn du zornig oder wütend bist, schrei deinen Zorn an einem geeigneten Ort laut heraus; nimm dir dabei kein Blatt vor den Mund. [...] 

Spiegel Händeklopfen (Michael Adam)Hand activation (Michael Adam)


Stelle Dich nackt vor den Spiegel, am besten frühmorgens.

Schlage für 5 Minuten abwechselnd mit den Fäusten in die jeweils andere Handfläche.

Sage Dir dabei vor: „Du bist schön, Du bist lustig, Du bist klug, Du bist reich, Du bist stark, …“

Hintergrund und Wirkung:

Die Aktivierung der Handchakren schaltet linke und rechte Gehirnhälfte zusammen und den Verstand aus. Deine positiven Befehle dringen dadurch leichter in dein Unterbewusstsein ein. Mache die Übung jeden Tag, und sie verändert binnen einem Monat dein Leben! [...] 

Shake to Relax (Michael Adam)Shake to Relax (Michael Adam)

Each step takes about 10 minutes

1. Step
Move your body ecstatically to loud music. Shake and feel it own your body, let your voice express all your emotions. Scream or hum

2. Step
Keep on dancing ecstatically and start move to the music through the room.

3. Step
Spin around and learn to be calm in your center. Increase the pace when you’re able to. You stop by mentally throwing a powerful anchor into your two feet. [...] 

Singing bowlKlangschale


Put your Singing bowl on all chakras in turn – beginning at the base chakra all the way to the ajna chakra (third eye). Make sure that thebwol  only  rests on a point on the ground and can oscillate freely. Relax and let your limbs go off („Feel like an old sock“). Beat the singing bowl 1-3 times depending on each chakra, and let the sound fade out completely. Lose yourself in the sound and let rising thoughts leave easily.
Alternatively, you can also strike the singing bowl while holding it in one hand. Even a rubbing along the edge will produce a sound from the singing bowl over time. [...] 

Hand-awakening (Erhart Freitag)Hand-Erwachen (Erhart Freitag)


Make a fist with your hand and look at it. Open it slowly until all fingers are straight.

Background and Effect:
The opening of the hand is a symbol of spiritual awakening. Do this gesture if you are angry, tired, feeling depressed or if you find everything meaningless. In your mind it will lead you back to your goal. (Source: Erhart Friday) [...] 

Chi MassageChi-Massage


Partner exercise or with electrical equipment: Take your partner’s legs above the heel and move the legs rhythmically gently with about 140 oscillations per minute and about 10 inches from side to side. The partner lies down, breathes deeply and ideally has a very flat round disk under the waist so it can move freely. Caution: Use only hard floors otherwise the body cannot swing enough.
Move your partner 5 to 15 minutes, then switch positions. The full body Chi-massage is even more pleasant when using an electric device that has a vibrating foot pad. Have a look on Amazon. [...] 

Crazy reactionVerrückte Tat


If something or someone makes you very angry, then think of, or – even better – do something crazy. Jump in a pool, or scream „Mommy, help me!“ across the road or get a kite from the attic.

Background and Effect:

The crazy deed dissolves the tension that has built up a certain expectation in two parties. A tense situation is defused, because a third alternative arose: the laughter.Wenn Dich etwas oder jemand sehr ärgert, dann denke oder – noch besser – tue etwas verrücktes. Spring in den Pool oder schreie „Mama, hilf mir!“ über die Straße oder hol einen Drachen vom Dachboden. [...] 



Tensegrity (Tension and Unity) is a series of movements that serve different purposes and which often imitate movements of animals. They stem from an ancient tradition of Mexican shamans and are similar to Tai Chi.

Background & Impact:
The exercises have been found in higher states of consciousness and serve to redistribute energy in the aura and to induce a strong sense of wellbeing. Carlos Castaneda continued to change the exercises that had been edited by his teacher and published it in 1997 as a book.
According to the Mexican shamans every human is surrounded by an ovoid energy field which they believe is the true self. Behind the shoulder blades is the bright, so-called „assembly point“ that translates the energy of the universe into understandable data for the human perception. Through these magical movements the through education acquired assembly point can be relocated to other areas. According to the shaman people move living energy from the center of their energy field to the edge if they are worried. The exercises bring the mind to a hold, set free the accumulated vital energy and bring it back to the vital centers. Tensegrity is taught worldwide since publication in 1997, practiced in various practice groups and can be learned directly from the book. I’ve personally had very good experiences with these exercises.Tensegrity (Übersetzt: Spannung und Einheit) ist eine Reihe von Bewegungen, die unterschiedlichen Zielen dienen und bei denen oft Bewegungen von Tieren imitiert werden. Sie entstammen einer alten Tradition mexikanischer Schamanen und sind dem Tai Chi ähnlich. [...] 



Move your body to music and strong rhythms. Find your own expression and play with the forces of creation that flow through your body. Loose yourself in on the movement and become one with it.
If you dance with a friend: Share your pulses with a partner and learn how to move in harmony with him/her. [...] 

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