Open your mind

Be completely free


Imagine what it would be like to leave everything in your current life behind. Imagine how it would be to go to the airport right now and get on the first available aircraft flying to your favorite country. Imagine, not to have money or clothes with you. Organize the bare necessities in your head: housing, banking, letter to your partner. Imagine how you can do everything you want after landing in the foreign country: sleep on the beach, ask a traveler for a job or money, work a little bit for a night’s lodging in a hostel. Imagine to completely trust in  God and to your inner strength that will guide you from moment to moment into whatever new will come. Imagine how strong you’ll get through the begging and the work you need to survive in your new home. Imagine how brave, fearless, curious and determined you will be by the departure into the unknown. Imagine that you will never tell anyone about your past. Lose yourself completely in this new situation. Think again if you don’t actually want to buy a ticket, even if it is only for a short break.

Background and Effect:
By letting go of your past and your current mental bonds confidence grows in you, that you can do everything and anything you want. You realize that you are free altogether and will be able to let go of a lot of old things.

Injury: Set a new pattern (Serge King)


If you’ve hurt yourself, burned, cut or bumped into something, then do the following exercise: Repeat the energetic movement that led to the injury, without hurting yourself again. For example, simply imitate the movement of the cutting blade. Shout out loud or in thought: “This is the new pattern. Remember it! “Feel intensively into the non-pain that accompanies this movement. Then do something else and don’t think about the wound anymore. (about 1 min)

Background & Impact
Through the pattern encouraged by the parents that “If I’m hurting it will hurt for a very long time” our bodies react to injuries that same way. By reprogramming the impact on the other hand, we can make the body believe that nothing had happened and that the wound will heal much more quickly. Try it out!

Exercises for the NOW! (Tolle, Jalics)

1. Close your eyes and say to yourself, “I wonder what will be my next thought.” Be very vigilant and then wait like a cat in front of the mouse hole for the next thought. What idea will come first? Try it now.

2. Use your senses. Be completely where you are now. Look around, but don’t interpret. See the light, see contours, colors, materials. Be aware of the silent presence of all things. Be aware of the space that allows it all to be there. Hear the sounds, but don’t judge them. Listen to the silence that surrounds the noise. Touch something – anything – and feel and acknowledge its existence. Observe the rhythm of your breath, feel the air enter and escape, feel the life energy in your body. Allow everything to be, inside and outside. Allow the “suchness” of all things. Merge with the energy field to dissolve the separateness between you and your body into one unit. Now move deep into yourself.

3. Watch yourself. Make it a habit to mentally monitor your emotional state. “Am I relaxed at the moment?” is a good question to ask yourself sometimes. Or: “What’s going on inside myself?”, “What thinks in me”. Give the interior as much attention as the exterior. If the interior is harmonious, the outside will follow.

4. Inhabit your body intensely. No matter what you do, always extend a portion of your attention on your inner energy field. Feel the body from within, so to speak. Body awareness keeps you in the present.

(Source: Eckhart Tolle: Now!)

5. Breathe into your palms. Sit comfortably and upright upper body and watch your breathing first. Let the rising thoughts pass and always pull back to the breathing and your inner stillness.

Variations: Let a mental “Yes!” flow into the palms during inhalation, remain silent while exhaling. In praying to Christ you can think “Christ” during inhalation and “Jesus” while exhaling a into your palms.

(After Francis Jalics: Contemplative Retreat)

6. Everything that I do: Focus your whole attention on what you’re doing in the moment, be it cooking, washing up, reading, writing, speaking, tying shoes, being in silence. When thoughts come, simply notice them and return to the moment and what you’re doing.

Background and Effect:
Our consciousness is so long in vigilance and the present until thoughts of the mind come up and replace the inner silence with an inner monologue. This monologue constantly takes us into the past and the future and we are no longer present – until it strikes us. Increased attention on the present moment raises our consciousness to a level where it notes this disorder. More and more often.
If we leave the deadening world of mental abstraction and time behind; when we leave the sick mind, that deprives us of vital energy and slowly poisons our earth, we awake from the dream of time into the present.
(According to Eckhart Tolle)



Stand calm and upright. Open your heart and think of a beautiful moment in your life. Visualize it on the ground in front of you and behind you a lifeline. Imagine that your past is behind you, and your future in front of you. Look back at the past, and remember some moments in it – situations from childhood to adolescence, your education, perhaps marriage or child birth. Imagine that you are now exactly in the present and turn around to the future. Fix a point in your future and be designated, in how many months or years it will be. Imagine a situation how it is going to be like. Imagine this situation as good as you can. Where are you? What does it look like there? what do you do and how you feel?

Background and Effect:
Our life is created by our minds. Either by leaving the field to our subconscious belief systems, or even by creating our future. Every thought and every idea tends to realize itself. Especially those we charge by the high vibrations of love and gratitude.

The Work (Byron Katie)


Byron Katie: Who are you without your story?

If you experience a recurring, stressful situation, realize the feeling and the judgment towards the other person or situation, and why.
For example,
– “I’m upset because NN always complaints and is never satisfied.”
– “I’m angry because I can never stand up for myself in front of others.”

Then place the following four questions:
1. Is that true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3. What happens when you believe that thought? (Feelings, thoughts, and actions)
4. Who would you be without that thought?

In the next round you can continue to experiment and change the initial situation above. Check your belief again with the 4 questions, after you’ve modified it:
– Other (“I always complain to others and I am never satisfied”)
– To yourself (“I always complain about myself and am never satisfied with myself”)
– To the contrary (“I am patient with myself and happy”)

Background & Impact
The Work is a very efficient method to identify thoughts and questions that cause stress. We realize that it is not the situation itself that is the problem, but our thoughts and feelings about it. The last question is a potential mind-stopper who can make you suddenly realize your true nature.
The originator of the technique, Byron Katie, suffered for years from severe depression. One morning she experienced a life-changing realization. She discovered that she suffered when she felt something should be different than it was (“My husband should be more like me”, “My children should appreciate me”), and that she felt at peace, if she didn’t think these thoughts. She realized that the world around her was not the cause for her depression, but her beliefs about it.

Books by Byron Katie

STOP negative feelings


When destructive thoughts, feelings and expectations come up – say loudly inside of you:
– “STOP!”
– Accept and respect your feelings: Look at them fondly and let them be there. Say, “I know that you have a good reason to be there.”
– Talk to your child, tell it that it is safe, that it is OK and lovable and that you’ll take care of the pain.
– Let go of the anger: don’t pay attention to these feelings and don’t nurture them no more.
– Shake it off: shake vigorously, do something crazy, let go of your anger without acting with revenge on others. Jump or chop wood. Speak to the anger: “Yes, damn, you got me again – shake me vigorously, then it will be ok.”
– Recognize: the other isn’t to blame for your feelings, but your own wound that has been touched.
– Call the divine grace: ask the highest power in you for help and protection. She will grant it.
– Learn: Try to recognize what this anger was meant to say to you. Was it a sign that you’ve forgotten something? Or that you yourself can learn something here?
– Think about yourself: Ask your heart, where it would be like and what it would like to do.

Background and effect:
The stop technique gets us out of feeling like fainting circuits that have guided us in early childhood situations and the associated negative feelings. We make ourselves aware of the fact that we are not our feelings, but consciousness and Spirit – and thus can always get out of negative emotional circuits.

Visit your cockpit (Roy Martina)


A similar exercise to the timeline is the exploration of the control center (loosely based on Dr. Roy Martina).
First relax your whole body. Then visualize a dark corridor that you walk along. You come to an elevator and ride it to the top floor. There, you will enter your personal control center. In front of you is a large screen on which appears the situation you want. See the future with its new situation like a movie in front of you.
Decisively support them by pressing a big “OK” button.

Background and Effect:
Our life is created by our minds. Either by leaving the field to our subconscious belief systems, or even by creating our future. Every thought and every idea tends to realize itself.
Books from Roy Martina

Strengthening the strengths


If you’re doing something good, you like doing it and others confirm you (not a must), pay more attention to these strengths and improve them! Don’t pay attention to your weaknesses but try to become even more successful in what you do best and most successful: What am I good at? Which 3 of these skills can I sell the most? Choose this with passion and try to make other people happy with them and your success is sure!

Background and Effect:
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on our weaknesses means that we bring our weaknesses a little towards average, but also don’t raise our strengths far enough above average. If we concentrate on our strengths, however, we let the two “peaks” grow – we act as world champions and pioneers who were outstanding in a particular area and thus succeed.

Solar storm


The irrepressible energy of a glowing red sun flows through you. She wanders around you and into your body. You see how mighty Magma flags fly off and flow warmly towards you. Their cosmic winds fuel your body and all the energy fields, heal yourself within a few minutes and recharge everything with energy.

Background and Effect:
This exercise is one of the strongest ever. The sun is a direct symbol of the Divine Spirit that flows through us and strengthens and carries us immediately when we open ourselves to it. You will learn more and more that you have the power to heal in every second of your life, be happy and full of energy. It works better, the stronger your faith, the purer your body and the more experienced in moving energy you are.

Go through the wormhole (Experimental Space)


Reserve a specific time for this exercise. Embark on a journey that goes deliberately into the unknown.
From now on, everything can happen and anything goes. Remember who you are and allow yourself to experience something exciting. Be awake and let the most powerful available  energy of the moment guide you. Give up the judgments, whether about yourself or others. Act unintentionally. Amazed. Open your heart and be honest. Do yourself something good, be crazy, have fun.

Background & Impact:
The name wormhole is by John Archibald Wheeler to express equations of general relativity figuratively. It represents a worm that eats its way through an apple and links two sides of the same space (the surface) through a tunnel. If we consciously go into the wormhole we open ourselves to the possibility to transform ourselves through inner guidance. It is closely related to the ritual of the vision quest.

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