Partner Exercises

Nonviolent Communication


Whenever you find yourself in a conflict with another being, follow this simple process when you speak about an incident or feeling.

Body Exercises, Creative Training For The Voice (Sam Alty)


This series of exercises in the group is a very good preparation to feel your inner body, and the energies inside and outside.

One at a time is standing in the middle of a circle. The others simulate a shower. First sweeping with the hands along the body from the top to the toes, while making sounds of running water. After a few rounds the outer ones in the circle simulate a soap in their hands, washing their hands, and then rubbing all the body in the middle with soap from the top to the toes.
Then a next round with water, washing down the soap. The last round simulates the dryer: everybody blows towards the one in the middle, again from top to toe. Then the next one can enter the circle. [...] 

Choose a mentor


Choose a strong, successful and loving person as your new mentor. This may be an experienced spiritual adviser or healer who is paid for the purpose, but also a brother, sister, a friend or the partner.

To this mentor you talk at least once a month about the successes in your life and to define new goals. Also talk about goals you didn’t achieve and the consequences. [...] 

Honor encounters


Observe people that you meet you. Be aware of what you feel and think. Take a deep breath. Leave everything as it is and remain entirely in the situation and with the other person.

View of the soul


Open yourself to the love and respect for the partner, let your eyes be the window, through which your partner can see deeply into your soul.



During an embrace all energy centers of the partner are open and an intensive exchange between each other can happen.

Heart to Heart Greeting


Through this little ritual you leave the everyday life with its worries behind and enter your sacred room.

Find the common note (Ella Kensington)


The notes have a powerful effect on your energy field and you swing heavily in the quality of the respective energy. Singing together is also a strong bond within the group.

(c) Ottens-Bergmann

Mirror exercise for groups


The mirror exercise makes us aware that every other person is representing an aspect of ourselves.

Build your network


Friends and acquaintances are important sources of information and support. They give you hints and inspirations, assist you in times of crisis and are completely honest with you.

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