Partner Exercises

Sex wie auf Wolke 7 (Mohr)

The important point of the by Bärbel Mohr invented "Sex on cloud 7" is to simply do nothing for at least 10 minutes - motionless - listening only to your body or the one of your partner after being intimate.

Family Constellations


The family constellation has created profound emotional impact for the participants and it is one of the most powerful healing methods that I know of.

Deep listening


The better we can take the partner the way he or she is, the more we will change and gain insight into our divine self.

Weekly group celebration (Paul Ferrini)


We thus create a common, safe and non-judgmental energy field in which everybody can open their heart and go through their fears. By showing us our weaknesses, we can show and share our grief.

Reconciliation with the partner (Hellinger)


A couple's relationship can succeed only if the man respects the woman, just as she is, and the woman respects the man, just as he is. This agreement is a spiritual movement that makes the partner feel safe and free.

Watch your eyes & remember


The eyes are the gateway to the soul. If we look at each other openly and deeply, we see in others our own divine self

Energie-Übertragung (Channeln)


The channeling of energy is based on the assumption that we are part of the divine flow of energy through our head and feet. We can direct this energy flow through our will.

The slave game


The slave game shows you your unconscious desires on each other. This game will - played correctly- bring you to your limits and expand your perspective enormously.

Dine with friends


The re-connecting with friends strengthens our self-esteem and sense of belonging.

Role reversal


The identification with the ideals and ideas of the other means that we develop an understanding of his/her situation.

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