Resolve old ties


Collect all energy bands that run  along your whole body with your hands and put them into a bunch in front of the solar plexus, where they all come together. Visualize your hands as sharp light knifes and use them to cut all the bands on the front and back side of your body together with the thought of a clear command: “I break up all ties with old and past patterns, which are no longer useful in my development.” Visualize a bucket with an orange-green flame in it and throw all the bands into it so that they can dissolved completely.

Background and Effect:
We are connected with all of creation through energy bands. Humans, animals, objects or ideas are tied to each other through more or less subtle ribbons. We create these connections if we want go into resonance with certain energies and convert them to personal experiences. We give and take energy through these bands, which are usually connected with our own energy system via the solar plexus. A contact occurs mostly unnoticed, but is always approved by our highest self. Sometimes it may happen that we are tired, passive and unbalanced through the docking of too many energy guzzlers. In this case a separation of the bands by the above described method is recommended.

Prana circulation


Lay, sit or stand. If you are sitting or standing your head and your spine should go straight up, as if pulled upwards by a string. Put your tongue on the palate, and breathe deeply through the abdomen. Close your eyes and let thoughts pass by like clouds. Accept them, but don’t give them any further attention.

Imagine how the white, purple or golden energy flows from your base chakra through the spine to your head. Inhale. The energy accumulates within the head  until it is a bright, strong ball of light. During exhale it wanders down through the front of your chest along your body down to the base chakra, and thus closes the cycle. With the re-inhalation you draw the energy back up your spine and so on.
Do this exercise for about 10 minutes, until you feel energized.

Background and Effect:
The exercise enables the two principal meridians of the body and makes sure that you feel fresh, rested and full of beans.
Bring them out, if you feel weak and energy less especially after getting up of the morning.

Flash regeneration (Bernadette Orth)


Try to relax as much as possible and watch how your cells swim in a flood of intense light. Feel their intense, healing effect.

Background & Impact:
Is it bad to note that we no longer find the rhythm and are exhausted? No! The current energy level will allow us even to intensive regeneration at the cellular level within minutes – even old habits are broken. The more we practice spiritual exercises, the easier it is for us regain  to regain strength quickly. (Source: Bernadette Orth)

Energy through hands


Place your hands for 2-3 minutes on each of your energy centers, from forehead to neck, heart, abdomen, pubic bone to the coccyx (10 min). You can also balance 2 energy centers at once – start with Ajna/Forehead- and Root, then neck-and sexual chakra, solar plexus and heart chakra. Other combinations are OK, too while it is favorable to energize the body towards the center. If you can, get it touch with your inner strength (or God) and say to yourself: “Thanks for the energy that is given to me.” Feel how energy flows through your head and goes through your hands to the chakras.

Background and Effect:

This technique is derived from the system of Reiki. It assumes that everyone is always included in a divine flow of energy, which one can consciously bring to oneself and to others.

Experience prana energy


If you want to feel pranic energy yourself, rub your palms, press them together in the middle and spread your fingers forcefully outwards. Then close your eyes and bring your hands slowly together form about one meter distance. Depending on your sensitivity, you will feel a tingling sensation at a certain distance, maybe like heat or simply as a nonspecific light pressure – like a breath of wind. This is your energy field.

Repeat the exercise with a partner who is moving towards you. Close your eyes and try to feel in your body when you feel the other person. The more you practice detecting energy fields the more accurate you will perceive these fields.

Among other things, this exercise in fine-energy method of Pranic Healing by Choa Kok Sui is studied in detail. Many of the exercises in the “energy exercises” have to do with practical experience of pranic energy.

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