Reinigung und Energetisieren

Brine bathSolebad


The brine bath at 37 degrees corresponds exactly to the salt solution that you had as an embryo in the amniotic fluid. It has a very positive effect on your energy field, and initiates a strong cleansing of the body.

Listening to musicMusik hören


One of the most widely used methods of relaxation is listening to music. There is hardly anyone who does not respond to music - it allows us to feel our feelings more and to deel our heart deeply.



Energy healers use crystals to direct and amplify prana-energy - or to program them with certain qualities. Especially quartz crystals are suitable as energy suppliers and holders.



Buy incense / charcoal and use it to energize and purify body and rooms. Experiment with different effects. When cleaning a room you walk it counter-clockwise, when energizing the other way round.
Basically, there are incense sticks and incense cones, which can be burned directly, as well as resins and other solids, which are burned on a hot coal. Special containers for incense can be found in oriental shops. [...] 

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