Move Daily Out of the Comfort Zone


Ask your partner (spouse or good friend) for an exercise that would bring you out of your comfort zone. Do every day one of these suggestions.

For example: Go through the forest in the middle of the night, do a climbing course, go diving, attack a spider, climb on a high cliff, jump over a stream, speak to another person without reason, feel your body during the day and give room to it, find pleasure and meaning in thoughts that have become a sorrow. In short: Get over more and more of your fears successively. [...] 

The Miracle Morning Ritual (Hal Elrod)


The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) (English Edition)

Start your morning by getting up 30-60 minutes earlier as you normally would get up. Start the day with a positive outlook on what you want to be and become. Be present.

Use the six practices of successful people: meditation, affirmations, visualizations, exercise, reading, journaling. [...] 

Go beyond your limits


Speak out loud where in your career the boundaries lie, eg:

“I know I could earn more money, if (insert) …

– I would put in more overtime
– I would take a course
– I would be more active in the group
– I could sell myself better to the boss
– Etc.

“I know I could use my real talents better if (insert) …

– I could conquer my fear of being on stage.
– I could overcome my fear of the beginning of …
– Etc.

“I could earn my money in a more creative way, if (insert) …

– I would be disciplined and wouldn’t sit so often would in front of the television
– I would use the potential of my friends and acquaintances
– I could muster the courage to radically change.
– Etc.

Often spontaneously impetus for action arise from the answers already. Follow and post them on your next week schedule!

Background & Impact:
Most people go their whole lives without ever getting to their true limits. They rather prefer the safety of a boring life than to face their fears and live their true calling. Know and respect your limits and decisions, and expand it continually. A person becomes more free and confidence inspiring, the more he knows about his fears and limitations.
(by David Deida: The Way of the Superior Man)

Live your roles


In your life you always fill out a variety of roles: as a child of your parents, father / mother of children, a member of any church or community, as an employee or employer, friend, husband / wife, athlete, consultant, etc.
Write all your roles on a sheet of paper.
Then consider each of these roles, which 1-2 measures would have the greatest positive impact.
These measures can be both simple and short  things like “buying women flowers”, “attend a football game with Tom,” or long-term things like “going for tango course”. In most cases, those things that you recognize as truly important to you, have something to do with the maintenance of relationships or training.
Now, get your diary for next week and just write down those things that you have identified as essential for your roles, as a first and most important dates. You can move them if necessary, but they should be done within that week that you planned them in.
Do this exercise every week, best on your day off.

Background & Impact:
All important measures related to our various roles are like large rocks that have to be filled first into our time-glass of life, so that the small unplanned things come around, too. The weekly framework to plan has been proven in years of work by Stephen Covey as a management consultant for thousands of people to be the most effective.
(According to Steven Covey: 7 habits of highly effective people)

Travel free


Do at least once a year a trip to a foreign country that you’ve never seen before: only with a plane / bus ticket, backpack and sleeping bag. Try to meet locals on the road and in a café to get to know them, talk to them, eat and try to stay with them. You can also organize the stay on the travel-rings eg SERVAS, Coachsurfers.com, etc.

Background & Impact:
Foreign countries and cultures broaden our horizons enormously, because we are faced with entirely new ways of thinking and ways of life. This reinforces our general tolerance of other people – we do not move as quickly into the judging.

Fire Ritual


Select a symbolic object for a weakness or an old, unusable pattern that you want to put down and change. Then you light a fire with a clear mind and working order. Tell it that it is used to transform an old pattern, and thank is for its cleansing power. Sing a song of the fire, or talk further with it. Pass the object on to the fire and think of the purification and transformation. Finally thank the fire for its power.

Background & Impact

The fire ritual is probably one of the oldest in the world. The purifying and transforming power of fire we can use to put down old beliefs and focus on the new.

The ritual of self-blessing


Do something good for yourself!
Listen to your heart and ask it what it wants the most to feel pampered . Buy yourself an ice cream or drink a bottle of good red wine. Go to the movies or the circus, the zoo or a good museum. Stroll through a beautiful park or go hiking, sailing or do sports, if you feel like it. Buy yourself flowers. Go into a cozy restaurant. Enroll to the course that you always wanted to take. Buy your favorite tea. Take a ride. Sit on a park bench. Read that book you were planning to read a long time. Learn a new language, go on a trip. Drive to the sea and play in the sand. Sit down in the wind and let the sun shine on your skin. Paint, write, or compose something. Sit down and listen to good music. Invite your best friend to a fondue. Go play billiards and darts, or play something that gives you great joy.

Background and Effect:
If you make yourself important, stand up for yourself and show that your love yourself, you bring a lot of energy towards you and releases tension. At the same time you will be more and more able to give the same love that you give to yourself to others. Forget the pure labor and duty-ethic that you have been toughed since your earliest time. Without creative breaks and visionary direction, it is worthless to the world. A person who ignores his own needs and can not love himself, cannot love God and or his fellowmen either. Every love always comes back to ourselves.

Work breaks


Invent your own ritual for breaks at work. This can be brief physical exercises that you do every hour. Or the slow, deliberate preparation of tea, or the pleasurable eating of a banana. Allow yourself a break and read something good, or just meditate. No matter what you invent, love it, do it slowly, and be aware of the fact that you are taking a break. Thank your creator for the day, for the work and for what you have accomplished so far. Recharging yourself with something that you like. At the same time think about the things that were important today.

Background and Effect:
We always believe that we have to work for something first to then be allowed to enjoy the success and free time we achieved with it. But this moment when we can sit back and start enjoying will never come- not even when we’re retired because we begin to tackle things around house and the garden. The point is: “When not now, then never.” We all tend to get carried away in our work. Especially, if the activity absorbs all our attention, as in computer work, it happens that we sit down in the morning and lift our head at night to say: “Wow, that late already?” Whenever you carry out a mentally strong demanding office activity or a monotonous and mechanical assembly-line work, it is recommended to “leave” from time to time to build up your strength and think about what is important.

Wish lace


Make yourself a personal wish lace of any length, in which you  craft 12 knots (or beads, glass beads, etc.). Each node stands for your new energies, ideas and desires that you want to feel in the future. Let the wish lace with slip trough your fingers every morning and internalize again your innermost desires present in the nodes.

Background & Impact
It has long been proven that the wish lace works on the principle of the conditioned reflex: when two different stimuli occur always together over a long time, they do the same later, if only one of the two stimuli (wish lace) is still present. The second stimulus (desires, strong energy) will be added automatically at touch. Who connected the contact with the wish lace with ntense positive suggestions over a long time, has to only touch the lace one day and the subconscious will immediately add the positive thoughts. The repetition of the rhythm of 12 is particularly helpful to enter our subconscious mind.

Recreation day


Reserve one day the week to yourself – Don’t work on that day, but do something you enjoy doing and lets you relax. Think about your goals in life and your heart desires, let your desire lead you. Be grateful for what you have achieved – and be greatful in you mind for your friends, your family and your calling. Use this day to relax, for self-knowledge, for joy, realignment and to say thank you.

Background & Impact
This ritual corresponds to the Christian commandment “Holy Sunday” and the call for the Jewish Sabbath. Here we can recognize that our forces, our capacity for production is not unlimited, but needs to be renewed every now and then – and not through hectic Sunday excursions, but by producing inner peace and balance. This inner retreat is also particularly useful to check out our goals once again – are our heart’s desires still valid for our lives or do I want to realign myself for quite some time now?

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