End of year days


You think the days between 25.12. and 6.1. free as a time of personal growth. They spend most confident and cheerful, celebratory, and in positive contact with other people. Look at your dreams, keep inner experience and recognizing the best in writing.
Spend the day in nature, with friends, celebrate, be clear and focused, things go to the bottom and bring everything you do, to a good end. [...] 

Confess mistakes


Sometimes it is important to admit that we made mistakes. The best is to retreat at new moon, when the forces of cleansing and letting go are the strongest, to a quiet place, and confess our faults. Sometimes these insights come spontaneously or in a dream – in which case we should investigate them immediately. We talk loudly or quietly, “I confess that … (we say anything we have recognized as an error). I realize that … (we say everything that we have learned as the deeper meaning and the positive experience from it). I ask forgiveness from all those involved and in front of my highest divine self. May it guide me and lead to truth and goodness. ” [...] 

Daily prayer


Once a day for 1 hour, or – even better – 5 minutes every hour, we should turn our thoughts away from us entirely and onto the highest power by which we are connected with all beings and things. We dedicate this time to the innermost and highest core. We pay attention to our breathing, our thoughts and feelings, and we appreciate the perfection of life. (Ferrini) Bless ourselves and others and pray for peace and forgiveness, for understanding, love, truth and humility. Let us be grateful for everything. Let’s talk about God in our own words, with a childlike open heart. [...] 

Honor encounters


Observe people that you meet you. Be aware of what you feel and think. Take a deep breath. Leave everything as it is and remain entirely in the situation and with the other person.



Sit or stand in front of each other eyes on one level. Now one begins to list his negative judgments about themselves, eg: I am one who ...

(c) Ottens-Bergmann

Mirror exercise for groups


The mirror exercise makes us aware that every other person is representing an aspect of ourselves.

Weekly group celebration (Paul Ferrini)


We thus create a common, safe and non-judgmental energy field in which everybody can open their heart and go through their fears. By showing us our weaknesses, we can show and share our grief.

Return old beliefs


In us many negative beliefs are active, which have been set by other people or situations. It is important to recognize these patterns in the alpha state as active and to fully recognize, accept and heal them.

Open your Heart (Kryon)


The deliberate opening of the heart lifts your energy and vibration levels, and thus enables you to also receive inspiration from other levels.

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