Burn Yourself On The Altar


Imagine a sacred, strong fire on an altar. Now throw everything you believe it’s you in this fire: your possessions, your knowledge, your status, your ideas, your beliefs – until you can’t find anything more to burn. Imagine your body on that altar.


This exercise was the final awakening point for Samarpan – he finally realized during this visualization, that there isn’t anybody to burn. [...] 

Sit With your Enemy


This exercise is a guided meditation.

Find a place to relax.

Be very honest with yourself, this exercise is just for you.

Choose a person in your life that you don‘t like and that is provoking a strong emotion in you, like anger or irritation.

Now imagine you go to a nice restaurant where a table is already prepared. Imagine your enemy is already sitting at this table, looking at you.
Look at your enemy.
Find the specific emotion that you don’t like. You can even exaggerate this emotion.
I.e. “I am angry at you because you were passing over my emotions like a catarpillar.” [...] 

Go beyond your limits


Speak out loud where in your career the boundaries lie, eg:

“I know I could earn more money, if (insert) …

– I would put in more overtime
– I would take a course
– I would be more active in the group
– I could sell myself better to the boss
– Etc.

“I know I could use my real talents better if (insert) … [...] 

Write your Life Script


Write a story about yourself in which you live your ideal life already.

Wish lace


Make yourself a personal wish lace of any length, in which you  craft 12 knots (or beads, glass beads, etc.). Each node stands for your new energies, ideas and desires that you want to feel in the future. Let the wish lace with slip trough your fingers every morning and internalize again your innermost desires present in the nodes. [...] 

Be completely free


By letting go of your past and your current mental bonds confidence grows in you, that you can do everything and anything you want. You realize that you are free altogether and will be able to let go of a lot of old things.

Visit your Cockpit (Roy Martina)


Unser Leben wird von unserem Geist erschaffen. Entweder, indem wir das Feld unseren unbewussten Glaubensmustern überlassen, oder indem wir selbst unsere Zukunft erschaffen. Jeder Gedanke und jede Vorstellung hat die Tendenz, sich zu verwirklichen.

Open your Heart (Kryon)


The deliberate opening of the heart lifts your energy and vibration levels, and thus enables you to also receive inspiration from other levels.

Resolve old ties


Sometimes it may happen that we are tired, passive and unbalanced through the docking of too many energy guzzlers. In this case a separation of the bands by the above described method is recommended.

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