Sit comfortably, take care of your privacy and listen to relaxing music that you really like. Let it flow into you without judgment let it change your vibrations. Let all your thoughts pass by and focus on the emotions that the music will raise inside you. Let images and dreams arise, but stay with the clear presence of the music. Enjoy the intense silence after.

Background and Effect:
One of the most widely used methods of relaxation is listening to music. There is hardly anyone who does not respond to music – it allows us to feel our feelings more and to feel our heart deeply. The entire universe vibrates harmonically. From the billions of physically possible oscillations it chooses exactly the harmonic, by an overwhelming majority of 1: 1 million: Proportions of overtone, major and minor scales, church scales, Indian ragas, etc.

For example, the protons and neutrons in the oxygen atom are swinging in a major scale, and in the formation of chlorophyll sound triads. Each celestial body has its own sound. Plants and animals react much differently to different kinds of music: they are turning to classical music, grow faster and are more productive, while responding on the contrary with rock music. Music by Bach and Indian sitar are the favorite music of plants.