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Freundes-Netzwerk pflegen


Freunde und Bekannte sind Quellen wichtiger Informationen und Unterstützung. Sie geben dir Hinweise und Inspirationen, unterstützen dich in Krisenzeiten und sind grundehrlich zu dir.

Sex wie auf Wolke 7 (Mohr)

Beim von Bärbel Mohr erfundenen "Wolke 7 Sex" geht es darum, nachdem man intim geworden ist, ... einfach gar nichts zu tun, sondern mindestens 10 Minuten lang - bewegungslos - nur in den eigenen Körper hineinzuhören, bzw. den seines Partners.



Bei dem ursprünglich von Bert Hellinger entwickelten Familien-Aufstellen können durch die Gruppendynamik Antworten auf persönliche oder allgemeine Fragestellungen gefunden und Verstrickungen gelöst werden.

Tiefes Zuhören


Je mehr wir den Partner so nehmen können, wir er ist, werden wir beide uns verändern und mehr und mehr Einblick in unser göttliches Selbst erhalten.

Weekly group celebration (Paul Ferrini)Wöchentliche Gruppenfeier (Paul Ferrini)


It is good to come together with other people once a week – to stay aware of the divine in all of us.

Background and Effect
We thus create a common, safe and non-judgmental energy field in which everybody can open their heart and go through their fears. By showing us our weaknesses, we can show and share our grief. We can reconcile ourselves with our brothers and sisters. In the light of unconditional acceptance and love all abuse and all the blame dissolves. This brings old and young, blacks and whites, men and women, rich and poor, educated and uneducated together in an atmosphere of love, gratitude and joy. It is a place of equality and focus on God. A safe, simple, and easily accessible place. A place of forgiveness. To maintain this place everybody contributes what is easy for them: one is to take care of cleaning the rooms, somebody else brings in some of their money, a third one is singing or making music. In this place it should be taught and demonstrated how to take responsibility for ones own thoughts and feelings. How to communicate honesty without attacking others, and how to solve conflicts peacefully. The leader of the group should be changed after one year so that this person doesn’t identify too much with his/her role. Such a space is open to all people who follow the simple rules: no judgments, don’t make yourself important, don’t talk about your believes in a pompous ceremony. All fighting for self-respect, recognition and money are to be disregarding. The most important rule is to live the spirit of love and equality. Everybody must receive approval without condition. Everyone can feel comfortable and live out their talents. Virtually in every religious community there are people that have the desire for such a loving community. When the time is right, you will find a group or start one.Es ist günstig, ein Mal in der Woche mit anderen Menschen zusammen zu kommen, um uns bewusst an das Göttliche in uns allen zu erinnern. [...] 

Reconciliation with the partner (Hellinger)Versöhnung mit dem Partner (Bert Hellinger)


Partner training (male / female)

Stand a few meters apart and in front of each other an open your heart.
Look past your partner and perceive their parents and all the fortunes of his family, even the heavy ones. Do so with love.
You see yourself too, there in the distance behind the partner.
Give everything to this force that is behind you: your desires, your accusations and the  blame, everything we regret. Look at what has happened, something that has maybe hurt you. Something where you feel you guilty. You look further into the distance and give it to the movement of love. There it is canceled, only there. [...] 

Watch your eyes & rememberIn die Augen sehen & erinnern


Sit facing each other without saying a word and look into your eyes. Direct your attention to the partner. Feel, what kind of thoughts and feelings arise in you but don’t judge. If criticism and negative thoughts ascend about the partner don’t push aside, but be aware of these sensations. Accept it. You love when you can say that you’re happy with the relationship and all the associated feelings. I agree to the way it is. (Ferrini) [...] 

Energy transmission (channeling, healing)Energie-Übertragung (Channeln, heilen)


Open yourself up as a channel of divine energy – preferably while you put your hand on your heart – and let energy flow to the other person. If you are not trained in energy healing, it does not matter. The energy will find its way to the right place anyway.

Background & Impact [...] 

The slave gameDas Sklaven-Spiel


Arrange with your partner a certain period in which you follow all of his/her wishes, for example, 3 hours, or a whole day. During this time you have to do everything that  your partner requires you to do, eg: give a massage, cooking a particular food, do the shopping, wear sexy underwear, call his/her mother, visit an amusement park, etc. Everything is allowed. Only extremely violence and humiliating commands should be prohibited.
Your partner should really let go of himself during his time and concentrate on his/her pleasure – because the next day it’s all over, and then it’s your turn … [...] 

Dine with friendsMit Freunden essen


Invite your favorite friends to a dinner. Cook something good, maybe even together, light candles, chat.

Background & Impact:
The re-connecting with friends strengthens our self-esteem and sense of belonging. Through conversations with people we trust, we can express and digest unresolved thoughts, help others, and find some important things for us or our profession.Lade deine liebsten Freunde zu einem Abendessen ein. Koche etwas Gutes, vielleicht sogar zusammen, zünde Kerzen an, plaudert gemeinsam. [...] 

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