Reinigung und Energetisieren

mut trainieren

Lethargie beenden: aktiv werden


Steig aus dem Kreislauf bohrender Gedanken aus und tu etwas – Egal was, nimm einfach das Nächste, das Dir in den Sinn kommt: Repariere etwas im Haus, koche etwas, mach Sport, räum dein Zimmer auf. Je weniger dabei gedankliche Aktivität erforderlich ist, umso besser. Diese Übung ist nicht geeignet für Workoholics 🙂 [...] 

Zero Limits (Joe Vitale)


Immer wenn Dir ein unangenehmes Ereignis widerfährt, sei es durch Personen, Dinge oder Krankheiten: ruf Dir ins Gedächtnis, dass du selbst es in dir hervorgerufen hast. Reinige dich, indem du innerlich dazu sagst: „Was immer dich hervorgerufen hat: es tut mir leid, ich vergebe Dir, ich liebe dich, ich danke dir“. [...] 

Injury: Set a new pattern (Serge King)Verletzung: Neues Muster setzen (Serge King)


If you’ve hurt yourself, burned, cut or bumped into something, then do the following exercise: Repeat the energetic movement that led to the injury, without hurting yourself again. For example, simply imitate the movement of the cutting blade. Shout out loud or in thought: „This is the new pattern. Remember it! „Feel intensively into the non-pain that accompanies this movement. Then do something else and don’t think about the wound anymore. (about 1 min) [...] 

Quick Prayer to clarify (Karol Truman)Schnell-Gebet zur Klärung (Karol Truman)


Karol Truman, author of the book „Feelings Buried Alive Never Die“

Simple script / prayer, in which a negative belief is replaced by a positive one.

„Spirit, please localize the origin of this negative feeling or set of beliefs: ____________“ (insert emotion or belief you want to release it) [...] 

Chanting „HU“HU chanten


For this exercise, make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times. Next, focus your attention gently on your inner screen where your daydreams and images appear. With eyes closed, sing HU (pronounced HJUU) as a song of love.
There are many ways to experience the love of God. Perhaps you feel a sense of peace, warmth or security. Perhaps you recognize the presence of the divine through a deeper spiritual insight into your daily life.
When you sing HU and sit there in quiet contemplation, it may be that you perceive the inner light and the inner sound. The light may appear as brightness or colors on the inner screen. The sound can be music or a sound of nature, like the wind or the ocean. Whatever you experience the presence of God, it gives you a broader understanding of the life that you lead. When we sing the name of God every day for twenty minutes with love, the bonds, which constrict the soul will begin to dissolve. Not all at once, but very slowly, at a pace that you can understand and accept. While these bonds are broken the soul grows into spiritual freedom. [...] 

Healing through LoveHeilung durch Liebe


If you feel uncomfortable try to locate the underlying negative belief, ie „I can not“, „I’m not lovable“, „nobody likes me“, „I’m stupid“, „I am not ok the way I am „, etc.
Feel the dark power of this statement on you with all your senses. Then tell yourself:
„BUT – I love myself, I forgive myself and I like myself how I am, with all my HEART.“
At the beginning this sentence can seem funny, unusual and you might not feel any effect. But if you stick with it you will slowly feel the dark veil lifting around you and how you’ll become lighter inside. With more practice you will soon feel  a strong effect like a radiation and tingling in the heart area.
You can then set a sign of total acceptance and devotion by adding, eg: „Thank you Spirit, thy will be done.“ [...] 

Blanko-Vergebung (Serge King)


Oftmals wirken im Hintergrund unbewusste Glaubenssätze, vor allem Schuldgefühle und Zorn auf uns selbst. Sobald wir uns diese verzeihen können, kann sich auch der Schmerz und das unangenehme Muster auflösen.

Sweat lodge and saunaSchwitzhütte & Sauna


The sweat lodge - ritual combines 3 key elements: The Cave / sauna / sweat lodge stands for the earth, the heated stones for the fire, sweat and steam for water.

Stop consumption of mass mediaMassenmedien-Konsum einschränken


Most mass media reflect just the feelings of the current mass conscience, which is focused on the pain body. They choose negative and fearful content to maximise the attention of the consumers.



Sounds impossible, as long as you have not tried it yourself. The shaman healer Serge King has found out through his own tests, that a very thin metal layer in combination with a good insulator can provide a strong prana energy.

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