Why meditate?

Tired of thinking and doing. The pure, unintentional perception, however, that we practice in meditation, refreshes and regenerates our strength. During meditation we practice complete relaxation. We relax our muscles and go from a state of thoughts and emotional stress to a state of pure perception. Where my thoughts, feelings, desires and problems come to rest, I am getting closer to my very core. This core is the deepest peace, tranquility and serenity. Here you find permission, affirmation and relaxation.

Regular meditation will bring us closer to our true nature. It calms our moving thoughts and feelings and gives us moments of deepest insight into our gifts and our destiny. If you are approaching true contemplation you will understand what it means to be there without having to change.
Often nothing spectacular happens during a meditation. It may even be that the meditation stretches out painfully long. Gloomy thoughts and fears might arise. It will pass, if we accept these shadows and only remain in the perception.

But then: At the end of the meditation we feel an unprecedented tranquility within ourselves. We recognize the connectedness with others and with God. Suddenly we feel ourselves and our bodies again. We can listen to other people more deeply without igniting our own thoughts and feelings.

Meditation is the development of alertness and attention as we move closer to our deep, silent core.
Ultimately, it leads us to show less and less resistance in life, but instead more and more positive understanding and joy.
Start your meditation in peace and quietness – then stretch the meditative phases as far as possible into your everyday life: be aware of everything you do, feel with all your senses, watch the flow of your thoughts and enjoy to purely BE.

  • Before you start: Make sure you’re calm and undisturbed!
  • Drink pure water.
  • Breathe as deeply and calmly as possible into belly.
  • Dedicate the time to God – and your most inner self.
  • Relax your body and direct your attention slowly to one body part after another.
  • Feel your breath, your heartbeat, or into the middle of your palms.
  • Stay unintentional – you don’t have to achieve anything. Just look and try to perceive presence in all its diversity: breath, body odors, noises, colors, shapes.
  • Watch your thoughts as they come and go. Do not judge them. Let them pass like clouds on a mountain.
  • Enjoy the time between ideas where you are one with all beings, and completely present in the NOW.
  • Be ready to suffer: Every suffering is given to us to purify – so that we come closer to the essence.
  • Spend some time in nature.


  • Little / no food
  • Solitude: no talks with other people
  • Stay at a high-energy space
  • Sleep deprivation (caution, not more than one night!)

Read more about the external technique, the inner attitude and the shadows that raise during meditation.
Here you find basic meditations and dynamic meditations (with body movement).


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