1. Close your eyes and say to yourself, “I wonder what will be my next thought.” Be very vigilant and then wait like a cat in front of the mouse hole for the next thought. What idea will come first? Try it now.

2. Use your senses. Be completely where you are now. Look around, but don’t interpret. See the light, see contours, colors, materials. Be aware of the silent presence of all things. Be aware of the space that allows it all to be there. Hear the sounds, but don’t judge them. Listen to the silence that surrounds the noise. Touch something – anything – and feel and acknowledge its existence. Observe the rhythm of your breath, feel the air enter and escape, feel the life energy in your body. Allow everything to be, inside and outside. Allow the “suchness” of all things. Merge with the energy field to dissolve the separateness between you and your body into one unit. Now move deep into yourself.

3. Watch yourself. Make it a habit to mentally monitor your emotional state. “Am I relaxed at the moment?” is a good question to ask yourself sometimes. Or: “What’s going on inside myself?”, “What thinks in me”. Give the interior as much attention as the exterior. If the interior is harmonious, the outside will follow.

4. Inhabit your body intensely. No matter what you do, always extend a portion of your attention on your inner energy field. Feel the body from within, so to speak. Body awareness keeps you in the present.

(Source: Eckhart Tolle: Now!)

5. Breathe into your palms. Sit comfortably and upright upper body and watch your breathing first. Let the rising thoughts pass and always pull back to the breathing and your inner stillness.

Variations: Let a mental “Yes!” flow into the palms during inhalation, remain silent while exhaling. In praying to Christ you can think “Christ” during inhalation and “Jesus” while exhaling a into your palms.

(After Francis Jalics: Contemplative Retreat)

6. Everything that I do: Focus your whole attention on what you’re doing in the moment, be it cooking, washing up, reading, writing, speaking, tying shoes, being in silence. When thoughts come, simply notice them and return to the moment and what you’re doing.

Background and Effect:
Our consciousness is so long in vigilance and the present until thoughts of the mind come up and replace the inner silence with an inner monologue. This monologue constantly takes us into the past and the future and we are no longer present – until it strikes us. Increased attention on the present moment raises our consciousness to a level where it notes this disorder. More and more often.
If we leave the deadening world of mental abstraction and time behind; when we leave the sick mind, that deprives us of vital energy and slowly poisons our earth, we awake from the dream of time into the present.
(According to Eckhart Tolle)

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