Active meditation, each step takes about 10 minutes

First step
Imagine in front of you a gate where your beloved goal awaits you. Run on the spot towards this goal. Every 2-3 minutes, you reach a waypoint and joyfully pull your arms into the air like an athlete on the way to victory.

Second step
Raise your hands rhythmically and hurl back, bending the upper body. During the downward movement you scream: Ha, hey, hi, ho, hoo! Switch between aggressive and joyful screams. After four turns stretch put your hands in the air and scream: Yahoooooo! Feel the joy all the way to your head.

Third step
Rotate your upper body rhythmically to the left and right and let your arms dangle free, so they can hit your left and right site of your body. (Thus, the absorbed energy is distributed in the body)

Fourth step
Sit down quietly and sing AOUM. Imagine that you are sitting on the edge of a huge cliff. Monks from a Tibetan monastery sit on the other site and also sing AOUM. Switch the pitch from high to low until you’ve found the right one for you.

Fifth step
Sit quietly in silence.

Source: Gerd.B.Ziegler

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