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Open the mind
Ultimately, all energy blockages and deficiencies and all the associated physical changes in the “normal condition” can be traced back to spiritual causes. A house only becomes reality through the idea and the imagination of the builder. It is the same in our bodies: Our conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings are forging the subtle and gross matter of reality. Therefore, we can only achieve permanent changes in our physical and mental state if we change our attitudes and our minds about things.

Our new ideas will follow a new, more positive and powerful language. This new language is followed by clear and strong actions which will bring new habits and change our fate permanently to the desired. So it’s especially important to recognize old patterns and programs and replace them with new ones. The deeper we are in an altered state of consciousness, like during trance, hypnosis, sleep, etc., the more positive the effect of these commands and new ideas will be.

All exercises to open the mind

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