If you think about your dream and negative beliefs come up, eg:

– “I can not afford”
– “This will not work”
– “The customers will not like it”
– “I cannot do this”
– “I will not have enough customers”
– “I’m going to be cheated”
– “What will my parents / my partner say?”
– “Everyone will laugh at me”
– “I’m not good enough”
– “I do not deserve it”
– Etc.

just realize as you did in Exercise 3 of the base with the promissory note. Be aware that you are dealing with an old belief that acts like an old debt in you. Feel every feeling of the situation, draw the scene in your mind like on a sheet of paper. Honor, affirm and accept the feeling. Then, mentally burn or rip the debt written on paper.
Now think back to your heart’s desire. Describe it with the most beautiful colors, let it shine in your hearts and go through the anxiety!
Do this every time a new negative thought comes up.

Background & Impact:
Our negative beliefs (see chapter “Things the power of money can constrain”) we see best when we come in contact with our heart’s desires. If we were to make these beautiful things come true this would contradict what we unconsciously think negatively about us! It is therefore perfectly natural that all the old patterns come up immediately. The more you can fall in love with the new image in spite of your fears, the faster it will manifest itself.

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