Karol Truman is the author of the book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”.

This is a simple script / prayer, in which a negative feeling or belief is transformed through radical forgiveness. You can find this exercise as a guided meditation at the end of the post.

“Spirit, please localize the origin of this negative feeling or set of beliefs: ____________” (insert emotion or belief you want to release it)

“Bring every aspect of my being and space to this origin. Analyze and solve it perfectly, with God’s truth.
Heal this incident, according to God’s will.
I am in the moment, filled with light and truth, God’s peace and love, self-forgiveness for my wrong beliefs and forgiveness for every person, every place, circumstance and situation that is associated with the emotion and belief.
With complete forgiveness and unconditional love I delete this old one from my DNA, solve it on and let it go.

I feel ____________ (insert what you want to feel you)

I authorize any mental, emotional, spiritual problems and inappropriate behavior based on these old feelings to disappear quickly.

Thank you Spirit for your help to make me aware of all aspects of my creation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you and praise God from whom all blessings come.
Quoted from: Joe Vitale, “Spiritual Marketing”

Background & Impact:
This prayer is focused on powerful trust and the ability to let go. If we are already able to trust strongly and let large amounts of energy flow, the divine power itself will clarify the problem and resolve old beliefs.

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