If you are angry about a situation or a person, simply ask yourself:

– Which behavior in the other person has moved me strongly? What was the point?

– Do I show this behavior too? Do I judge myself in the same way?

Sit a while with these questions. Inquire deeply, until you have a strong insight. Then ask yourself: what is the other side of the coin? What didn’t I realize until now? What is my gift?


A mirror is a tool for seeing better. Through a mirror, we can recognize things on us, which we couldn’t have seen otherwise, e.g. our face. The mirror gives us a new perspective. We can see, if we are tired, or radiant, sad or happy. A mirror is absolutely honest and doesn’t lie to us, even though it can have blind spots, or areas with limited view.

Our whole life is like a mirror, through which we can see ourselves. Nobody would get mad about the mirror, if one doesn’t like the reflection. With a mirror, we accept that it’s just a tool. The same we can do with our life as well. It’s just a tool of recognition, insights and making experiences. We are god-spirit, the I AM energy that is making an experience on earth to discover more about itself.

Everything that surrounds us is a mirror of ourself, designed to remind us to that fact.

In the first years of our life, when our mental mind energy is not developed yet, we know this.

We intuitively understand everything around. We are accepting every experience arising and we aren’t judging it. Later, when the mind becomes stronger, we slowly accept the meanings that our parents, relatives, friends and teachers give to the world around us. We start to loose the trust that we originally had into our own intuition and inner wisdom.

But what we never loose is the inner knowing that there is an undefeatable and pure core within ourself – even when we have committed the worst sins and experienced the worst abuse. And when we move our attention into this core, we can still feel what is true and right for us.

That’s the way into self-realization: We don’t need more than the willingness to see what is, and to be true and honest to ourselves on the deepest level. I would call this “determination to truth”.

Then we automatically will see, step by step, the beauty of everything that is surrounding us,  showing us our true nature. And all that is needed, is the will to honestly investigate.

Many people see spiritual mirrors as something that reminds them to their failures, and as a hard work to overcome. But this is only partly true. They can appear as a hard inner work – but only if we keep strong inner beliefs that draw us away from seeing the deeper truth. We “resist” a beautiful truth that we already sense inside, but are not able to see yet.

The moment when we start to investigate with the honest willingness to see without any pre-judgements about what we see; only with the openness to see everything from a new and different perspective, we will have amazing insigths, that have the power to change our life within seconds.

The concept of mirrors can’t be understood fully, unless you had already a glimpse of your very own nature, a moment of awakening to your inner truth. It means that you are fully aware of who you are, completely and without any doubt, leading to the point where you stop your spiritual search for yourself that runs all your life until that point.

Dealing with mirrors will support you in reaching this point – the more you accept and recognize the existence of mirrors, the more you have to step out of matters of your everyday life, and the more you have to take a perspective of the non-judging Oneness, that takes full responsibility of everything what happens, and embraces it. This big “yes” of the heart is leading you to the moment where you see who you are.

And even after this moment the mirrors will be one of your most powerful tools to remember your true nature and let go the rest of old judgements that you still carry with you. It will be your tool to remember, and recognize what you know already.

How can you recognize a mirror? Simply use your emotions and body-sensations. Every time, you feel that something is touching you deeply, you can be sure to deal with a mirror. In the beginning, this will mostly be something you would call a “bad” feeling. E.g., somebody made you angry or sad. It is most important to practice the right usage of mirrors with these feelings, and fully recognize the beauty even behind negative emotions. Otherwise you will hardly allow yourself to become sensible enough to feel and see the more subtle mirrors.

Basically, there are 2 kinds of mirrors: The first one is the mirror of what you are in that moment. The second one is what you are thinking about yourself.

If you are surrounded by angry and sad faces not only in your family, but also in your office and then in the coffeeshop, you can be sure to deal with a mirror. Recurring mirrors we would also call a “pattern”. Situations that tend to come back, are a good indicator that there is something to discover for us. To stay with the example, life is holding you a mirror in front of your face to acknowledge the anger and sadness within you. The people and situations just reflect what you are radiating with all your being – and therefore they help you to see the blind spot within yourself.

This moment is what most people are very afraid of. They dont want to acknowledge a “bad” feeling like hate, anger, sadness, etc. and rather project it on others: “No, not I am sad, you are sad and dont acknowledge it!”. Everything you criticize on others is something that you haven’t fully recognized within yourself – the truth is: you criticize yourself, with exactly the same things. When you say to another: “you are a bastard, I cannot rely on you”, what you are really saying is: “I feel that I am a bastard, and not reliable”.

How to deal with mirrors: the 2 sides of the coin

To rightly deal with a disturbing mirror is simply to ask yourself:

– Which behaviour in the other person has moved me strongly? What was the point?

– Do I show this behaviour too?

The insight that your anger or confusion with another person or situation is simply the anger or confusion with yourself, will lead to a big “aha” if you fully see the truth behind it. And it can further lead to self-critic and -judgement, when you stop at this point. But the full truth will only be revealed when you go one step further: to see the other side of the coin.

Every coin has 2 sides: One with the number and one with the symbol. Every behavior or human characteristic has always two sides. One that is judged “good”, and one that is judged “bad”. If we stay with our example, we have seen anger and sadness in the people around. But what is the other side of the coin? Sadness without a negative judgement is simply a feeling of longing for something that seems not to be there. Instead of feeling like a powerless victim that is exposed to the river of destiny, and fighting this feeling, we can turn the coin and look to its shining part. And this part is another truth within sadness. The older were calling sadness “the golden river”, that will lead us to our truth and true nature. To allow ourselves to fall into the pure feeling of sadness without trying to push it away, can be a strong experience, f.e. when you are lovesick and you listen to romantic music, remembering the beautiful sides of a past relationship. So sadness can lead you to acknowledge the things that you’ve lost, and bring you to a feeling of thankfulness about what you have.

Same with anger: OK, the dark side of the coin is an unpleasant feeling of rage and being powerless victim. But if you turn the coin, expressed anger is a great source of relief. It can restore violated borders, or break old crusty structures to make space for insights and bring in new energies. Aggression is not always a bad thing. Express your anger, and communication starts.

So what the mirror in this special case wanted to show you is, that you have a feeling of anger and sadness inside yourself – deal with it and get your treasure.

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