Stand calm and upright. Open your heart and think of a beautiful moment in your life. Visualize on the ground in front of you and behind you a lifeline. Imagine that your past is behind you, and your future in front of you. Look back at the past, and remember some moments in it – situations from childhood to adolescence, your education, perhaps marriage or child birth. Imagine that you are now exactly in the present and turn around to the future. Fix a point in your future and be designated, in how many months or years it will be. Imagine a situation how it is going to be like. Imagine this situation as good as you can. Where are you? What does it look like there? what do you do and how you feel?

Background and Effect:
Our life is created by our minds. Either by leaving the field to our subconscious belief systems, or even by creating our future. Every thought and every idea tends to realize itself. Especially those we charge by the high vibrations of love and gratitude.

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