Bruno Groening was born on May 31st 1906. The fourth of seven children in Danzig-Oliva (East Germany) was born. Even as a young boy, he was able to perform a healing influence on sick people and animals. He later learned the profession of a carpenter and worked in various other professions, from a factory and dock worker to telegram-deliverer. During World War II, he became a German soldier in captivity.
In 1949 he got firstly known publicly because of healing a boy in Herford (Germany) that was written off incurable by the doctors. Worldwide attention was aroused by the mass healing on the Traberhof in Rosenheim / near Munich. Despite his indisputable healing successes Groening received a  healing ban and was no longer allowed to act in public. On January 26th 1959 he died in Paris.
Groening’s teachings
He says himself that he has neither studied nor developed his skills by thinking – they had been spiritually given to him. And in this way he passed it on to his audience. In his talks about beliefs Groening always expressed the influence of spiritual forces on the people, which he considered to be significantly stronger than often assumed. For him especially thoughts were part of these spiritual forces for him among the very thought.
Typical quote are:
– “God is the sender and man the recipient of healing power.”
– “I give you the rules of the game of life so that you become a master in life!”
– “My actions and undertakings should merely serve to bring all people of this world back to the correct path -to the divine path.”
– “Do not thank me, thank God, he did it.”
Groening always avoided to hear anything about a disease or to even only hear its name. He made no promises of healing. His work took place only through his lectures of faith in which he invited the people seeking help to a big reversal in their lives. It was his job to open the door to the divine understanding and experience for people and therefore to trust in God again. He saw himself as a guide, as mediator of divine power.
Bruno Groening compares a human to a battery. During the every day life everybody loses power. But often the needed new life energy is not taken back sufficiently. Just like an empty battery doesn’t work, the same way a powerless body can not fulfill his duties. Tiredness, nervousness, fear of life and ultimately disease are the consequences.
Bruno Groening explained now how individuals can get back to receiving new energy. Belief in the good is as much a prerequisite as the will to health. Humans are surrounded by healing waves everywhere which we only need to take in. According to Bruno Groening, there are no incurable disease, which is confirmed by his success stories approved by medicals. These healings only happen on a spiritual level and are therefore not bound to Bruno Groening’s material body.
To receive this healing power the person seeking help sits with palms up. Arms and legs are not crossed, to not stop the flow of healing power. Thoughts of illness and worry act inhibiting, thoughts of something nice, however, are helpful.
Once the healing stream flows through the body it hits the organs which are affected by disease and begins its purifying effect. This can lead to pain, which is an indication for the cleaning of the body. As the disease is not wanted by God it will be progressively eliminated. This can also happen spontaneously in individual cases. For this purpose it is necessary that the person  is no longer concerned with the disease but believes that there is no “incurable” for God.
To continue to stay healthy the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends meets every day to receive healing power. A healthy body is the foundation for a life in harmony with oneself, others and nature.
The aim of the teachings of Bruno Groening is to turn a sick person into a fun-loving man who is free from physical and emotional stress.
(Source: The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends)
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