According to the chronology of Brahmanan the Indian religious founder Bhagavan Sri Krishna was born in the year 3000 BC in northern India. The story goes that he was begotten by the Spirit of God and of the virgin Devaki, sister of King Kamsa. At 16, he was transfigured on a mountain top – after his return he went healing and teaching all over India. He preached the doctrine of love and good deeds, and often spoke in parables.

“When we die, our wealth remains at home. Our relatives and friends accompany us even to the grave. But our virtues and faults, our shortcomings and our good deeds follow us into the other life. That is why our costumes are focused on being good acting good.”

After conveying his message to the people Krishna, who had predicted his approaching death, went for seven days into solitude, where he was killed in a state of transcendence, by mercenaries of King Kamsa. He died with the words: “It is done.” Krishna’s life and teaching has been handed down in the Bhagavad Gita.

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