Krishnamurti, Jiddhu was born on May 12th 1895 as the eighth son of a Brahmin family in Madanapalle, a small town in the southern Indian province of Andhra Pradesh. His name is derived from Lord Krishna, a divine incarnation of the Hindu beliefs. Krisha himself was the eights child to his parents. Krishnamurti made his way to Adyar, the headquarters of the theosophical society at a very young age. His personal charisma and his subdued nature impressed his teachers so much that in 1911 they founded the “Order of the Star of the East” and made the sixteen year old the main leader of this Order.

He spent his years learning, traveling and teaching up to the days of silence, as an inner transformation broke the bond and he consequently broke up the order on 3 August 1929 which was a disaster for the theosophists. Krishnamurti preached to the the world, that truth was a pathless land without boundaries, that one could not approach by any established religion. His only interest was to “completely and absolutely free the people.”

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