Chinese philosopher, who, following the records, is responsible for the Taoist book “Tao Te Ching” which probably originated around 300 BC. About his person only contradictory or obviously contrived information is found in Chinese literature. The legend has it that Laotse was fathered by a beam light, when his mother was already 72 years. She bore him out under a plum tree out of her armpit. Even when he was born he had white hair, was already talking and took the name of the tree as a family name. Through magic he knew how to prolong his life. Finally, he rode west on a black buffalo. At the border pass a guard asked him to record his teachings. Laotse wrote a book of 5,000 words gave it to the guards and disappeared. The book consists of 81 short, sometimes rhyming sections. The awards revolve around the “Tao”, the foundation of the world, which manifests itself in nature and human life, and the “Te”, the radiating force that the wise can draw by contemplative absorption in the Tao.

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