Born in 1915, he became famous over night as the spiritual teacher of the Beatles. Without money and a return ticket, he came in to the United States in 1959. He brought with him the legacy, the Transcendental Meditation, of his teacher, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, whose pupil he was for 13 years after completing his studies in physics and mathematics in Allahabad.This technique has been handed down orally by the tradition of Vedic masters of India. Maharishi multiplied himself in form of meditation teachers which he trained to achieve his goal, the spiritual renewal of the world in this generation. In 1971 the first Maharishi University was founded in the United States. 1975, the second in Switzerland. Since 1976, Maharishi also teaches the TM-Siddhi program. Because politicians didn’t introduce his awareness-technologies for the reduction of stress, Maharishi inspired the founding of the “Natural Law parties” in 60 countries since 1992. Maharishi is committed to the revival of the ancient Vedas, for example the Ayur-Veda, the oldest prevention-oriented health care system in the world and the Sthapatya-Veda, the knowledge how good living atmosphere, that protects the energy of life so that health and enlightenment are easily possible. Maharishi, now 80 years old, lives in Holland since 1992 and still leads a laborious life. His message: “The nature of life is happiness. Everyone is born to enjoy.”

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