Thank you for finishing the retreat.
Did you already wonder how simple the truth is, how easy, how not to understand, and always in front of your eyes?
Did you feel the silence and love that comes with this opening?
Probably you will have laughed a lot, too …

Did you feel the truth of how you are, deep inside your heart?
Did your search end when you found yourself in the depth of the moment?

What definitely never ends are the challenges of life, that will always take you up and down. The emotions that shake you around and – if you identify with them – will take you away from the moment and cover your silent core that is always there, even in deepest desperation.

But if you have once reached such a deep point of awakening, the waves of life will still roll over you, but never for long. Use the power of the mirrors in your life to unveil everything that is – recognize yourself and embrace all your gifts.
It might be useful for you to watch some interviews with awakened people to deepen your experience.
Best would be to turn away from spirituality forever and dive deep into your “ordinary” everyday experience. Find the miracles of love where they are: in front of your eyes, whereever you go.

Welcome to the truth!

Gabriel & Team

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