Choose a strong, successful and loving person as your new mentor. This may be an experienced spiritual adviser or healer who is paid for the purpose, but also a brother, sister, a friend or the partner.

To this mentor you talk at least once a month about the successes in your life and to define new goals. Also talk about goals you didn’t achieve and the consequences.

You should choose a mentor who is trustworthy, attentive and unobtrusive. The mentor shouldn’t develop excessive ambitions to help you or criticize you. He should not get lost in your debauchery, or accept you as a victim (“I can not …”), but always lead you back to you and your goals with the question: “Where is your focus, what do you want?” Mostly, he should be able to listen to you without judgment – and be glad, if you are successful.

Like with all of your personal goals you only need to wish for your loving and strict mentor – and he or she will appear.

Background & Impact:

It usually becomes much easier to achieve goals if we have some other person who supports us in the process of achieving our goal. It is important to become clear about our dearest wishes during the process of talking about them and to be able to make a promise to someone. A promise on the one hand, and a consequence on the other hand – with non-achieved goals.

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