Arrange with your partner a certain period in which you follow all of his/her wishes, for example, 3 hours, or a whole day. During this time you have to do everything that  your partner requires you to do, eg: give a massage, cooking a particular food, do the shopping, wear sexy underwear, call his/her mother, visit an amusement park, etc. Everything is allowed. Only extremely violence and humiliating commands should be prohibited.
Your partner should really let go of himself during his time and concentrate on his/her pleasure – because the next day it’s all over, and then it’s your turn …

Background & Impact:
The slave game shows you your unconscious desires on each other. Because it is identified as a rule of the game to respond only to the wishes of a partner you can explore your true desires without regard for the other. That’s not as easy as it sounds! But the more you go with it, take on the other one a little harder and enjoy all your commands, the more you will learn about each other. This game will – played correctly- bring you to your limits and expand your perspective enormously.

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