During the family constellation by Bert Hellinger answers to personal or general questions can be found by group dynamics. Therefore one person (either the manager / questioner, director, or the participants themselves) selects a representative intuitively in accordance to an earlier question among those present. These are placed intuitively in the room. Due to the developing psychological dynamics the representative feels like the represented people or things after a time of collection and can therefore provide information about mechanisms and involvement within the system without the mirrored people or things having to be present.
Usually it’s about the family of the creator (parents, children, grandparents, fiancé, etc.), though also companies or abstract questions (“how is the next election going to end”) can be placed.

By rearranging, questioning the Deputy about his/her emotional state, and letting-to-talk solving phrases and gestures (eg, “I’ll give you the honor,” “what ever you have with the Papa / Mama, is not my business”, “I’m the only the little one, you are the big one”), the conductor can find a nice solution for all parties involved. Pathogenic entanglements can thus be transformed and changed with new attitudes to healing solutions. The unconscious images allowing the participants new attitudes and positions in later life, without necessarily having to do anything. Participants are even encouraged to not speak about the experience but to let it be.

Background & Impact:
Using the family (family constellation, organizational setup, system installation, Systemic Structural Constellations, team formation and sculpture / family therapy) you use the phenomenon of channeling – People who are voluntary participating in a system suddenly stop perceiving themselves as such but start to feel if they were actually part of the system – they perceive themselves as “foreign” things and people. Therefore they can not only provide information about the state of this system but change the mirrored original system itself by switching and solutions.
The family constellation has created profound emotional impact for the participants and it is one of the most powerful healing methods that I know of. Thousands of people now report findings and spontaneous healings. It is important to find a leader who is non-interfering (letting participants find their own solutions) intuitive, loving but also courageous (talk about everything).

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