Choose a quiet room where you cannot be disturbed and take at least five minutes.
Sit opposite to your partner on the ground and look into is eye for a few minutes relaxing. During inhalation bring your folded hands in front of your torso together with the thumb resting on the chest. Close your eyes.
While exhaling bend forward with a straight back to about 45 degrees until your foreheads touch.
Maintain this contact and feel the connection between warmly in your heart.
When inhaling again straighten up, open your eyes and say: “(Name), I respect the Divine in you”.

– “I respect you, (name), as part of the divine.
– “I respect you, (name), as part of myself.”
– When leaning forward sing the sound “Om”

Background and Effect:
The welcome is derived from the traditional Indian “Namaste” greeting, which means something like: “I honor the divine in you”.
It is particularly useful before erotic encounters.
Through this little ritual you leave the everyday life with its worries behind and enter your sacred room.
Through mutual respect and the recognition that the other is a part of yourself, you open yourself to the Divine and come very close each other in confidence.

Source: Margot Arnand, tantra – or the art of sexual ecstasy

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