Partner training (male / female)

Stand a few meters apart and in front of each other an open your heart.
Look past your partner and perceive their parents and all the fortunes of his family, even the heavy ones. Do so with love.
You see yourself too, there in the distance behind the partner.
Give everything to this force that is behind you: your desires, your accusations and the  blame, everything we regret. Look at what has happened, something that has maybe hurt you. Something where you feel you guilty. You look further into the distance and give it to the movement of love. There it is canceled, only there.

After a while you take a look at each other.
You say to each other: “Now it may be over, it is elsewhere now.”
Look at your partner and agree with to him, just as he is – with love.
You say: “I say yes to your destiny and your fate, as it is. I say yes to your destiny and your fate, whatever it will cost me..”

Then, look back behind you again and look at the partner’s previous relationships, with love and gratitude. Say to all of them: Thank you. We take it into our common future. It has made us richer for each other. “Also, give to god’s love what might have gone wrong in these relationships.

And you hand them over to the greater power.

Look at each other again and let yourselves be led by the inner spirit.
Stand side by side. Instead of looking at the partner, look at something that you have in common. Your children for example, or something else that you both serve.

Background & Impact:
Walking with the Spirit is something beautiful in itself, something big and conciliatory.
None of the partners follows the other but both follow the movement of the Spirit. Thus, they are most intimately connected with each other and simultaneously free.
A couple’s relationship can succeed only if the man respects the woman, just as she is, and the woman respects the man, just as he is. This agreement is a spiritual movement that makes the partner feel safe and free.
“Just as you are, you’re right for me – just as you are, I am enjoying you.” This joy is the best agreement and it includes the whole family of the partner including all fates.

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