Sex on cloud 7 (Mohr)The important point of the by Bärbel Mohr invented “Sex on cloud 7” is to simply do nothing for at least 10 minutes – motionless – listening only to your body or the one of your partner after being intimate.
If nothing happens the first time and distracting thoughts and feelings are too strong, you can also try to have sex in slow motion and try it again after the next time.

In-depth exercises:
– Draw attention to the open the heart again and even deeper every time.
– Focus attention on the solar plexus and feel how it feels.
– For a while, pay attention to the breathing and heartbeat of the partner and try to breath in the same rhythm. (This reinforced the feeling for each other and dissolves the sensation of physical limits)
– With the desire to become pregnant during intercourse deliberately invite healthy and happy children that match the highest good of everybody in the family.
– Create a common objective in the partnership (eg, in form of a collage) and dedicate the sex of to this vision.
– Meditate together before sex or do mental or physical energy exercises to raise the energy level.
– Lie entwined for 10-30 minutes and savor each other with all your senses.
– Invite good spirits to the sex.
– Find a common theme for the sex, eg
* I am lovable
* I love myself
* I am connected to the primordial power
* We live in abundance
* I am healthy and strong
* Serenity and quiet confidence are our basic emotions of life
* I am meek and gentle as a warm breeze
* I am an energy being and in all my movements I express energy, light and love.
* I am pure love.
* The primordial power pulsates in each of my cells

Background & Impact:
The Cloud 7 Sex deepens the sense of one’s body and the pleasure of sex enormously. A new way of fine perception enters the body, with which a new depth of feeling in general is created. Both partners are more energized throughout the day and more in balance. The silent sex can trigger powerful emotions (alternately crying and laughing), and healing experience.

Source: Barbel Mohr, sex on cloud seven

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