Sit quietly on the floor or in chairs opposite to each other and do not talk during the exercise.
Relax and breathe deeply if possible in the same rhythm. Listen to your body and feel the tranquility and inner peace.
If possible touch each other, eg. with your hands.
Look into your partner’s eyes. If you have a problem to look at both eyes, loosely focus on the partner’s left eye.
You say quietly: “You love me” or “We are one.”
Open yourself to the love and respect for the partner, let your eyes be the window, through which your partner can see deeply into your soul.
If feelings like to laughing or crying come up inside you, just let them out.

During the viewing of the soul it may easily come to the moment when you suddenly notice a change in the face of your partner. Suddenly you see masks or faces of strangers, or the age of your opposite changes. Watch these changes quietly and breathe deeply.

It may also come to a moment when you turn off your mind completely and are only a silent observers for a few minutes. You realize that you are not your thoughts, your body or your feelings. You will be the void, like a clear mirror that reflects everything and contains nothing.

Background and Effect:
The view of the soul harmonizes the energy fields of two people and can result in a profound sense of peace and unity.
We experience ourselves as one with our partner and can become a silent observer with no feelings that burns desireless with love.

Source: adapted from Oscar Ichazo

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