1. Realize that the “negative” energy will serve your growth!
2. Visualize light entering through your head into your body and how you throw out all negative energies like a water hose from your solar plexus chakra.
3. Bless the seeming aggressor in the heart and crown chakra.
4. Say internally: “I am protecting myself from all negative energies that are not useful to my development”

Background and Effect:
There are numerous techniques for protecting our own aura, but I wont deal with them here. A good introduction can be found in the book “Energetic self-protection” by Choa Kok Sui. But remember that each protection doesn’t only keeps away the evil, but alway the good in every evil too and will therefore slow down your growth.
“Negative” energies are nothing more than tips of life for us. They let something unresolved in us vibrate allowing us a deeper insight. Everything that touches us “negatively” has its negative counterpart in ourselves. “Negative” energies want to do two things: First, the realization that something unresolved is hidden within us that attracted the “negative” energy in the first place. Secondly so we can ask ourselves: Which strength can I develop to not draw these “negative” energies into my life or to turn them around quicker?