Radiate your energy outwards, without giving it a direction. Imagine that a flame is burning bright inside of you and bless everything with the loving energy that you encounter. Do not try to control this energy and its creations – just trust in divine providence that will guide it.

Background and Effect:

Everything you send out comes back to you. The more energy you put out, the more comes back to you. The more you let the energy flow freely, without controlling it, the freer it can come back to you, without  controlling yourself.
“Energy comes back to you to serve you in grand and new way. This is called the synchronistic life. In some sense you could say that there are no needs in synchronistic life. Everything is always there, at any time. You do not have to to fight anymore. I do not have to arm wrestle with life more. It’s just there. “(Emodiment Series, Shoud 11)