Sometimes it is important to admit that we made mistakes. The best is to retreat at new moon, when the forces of cleansing and letting go are the strongest, to a quiet place, and confess our faults. Sometimes these insights come spontaneously or in a dream – in which case we should investigate them immediately. We talk loudly or quietly, “I confess that … (we say anything we have recognized as an error). I realize that … (we say everything that we have learned as the deeper meaning and the positive experience from it). I ask forgiveness from all those involved and in front of my highest divine self. May it guide me and lead to truth and goodness. ”

Background and Effect:
We cannot avoid mistakes, because we live in duality and unconsciousness in this world. We even came here because we want to make mistakes! But not for the error itself but for the sake of understanding, which is very important for our growth.

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