Once a day for 1 hour, or – even better – 5 minutes every hour, we should turn our thoughts away from us entirely and onto the highest power by which we are connected with all beings and things. We dedicate this time to the innermost and highest core. We pay attention to our breathing, our thoughts and feelings, and we appreciate the perfection of life. (Ferrini) Bless ourselves and others and pray for peace and forgiveness, for understanding, love, truth and humility. Let us be grateful for everything. Let’s talk about God in our own words, with a childlike open heart.

Background and Effect:
Everything we carry within us is reflected in the outside world. When we live from the inside to the outside, so that we are looking for silence, peace, joy and love as often as possible, all our wishes will come to us from the outside, without having to work hard for it.

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