You think the days between 25.12. and 6.1. free as a time of personal growth. They spend most confident and cheerful, celebratory, and in positive contact with other people. Look at your dreams, keep inner experience and recognizing the best in writing.
Spend the day in nature, with friends, celebrate, be clear and focused, things go to the bottom and bring everything you do, to a good end.

Background & Impact

Rough nights (including eight Raunacht or smoke) are some nights at the turn, which was the custom of the South German areas special importance is attached. The twelve nights are those between the Holy Eve (24 December) and the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6) – but sometimes other periods, for example, between the St. Thomas Day and New Year.
The main raw nights are:
– 21-22. December (Thomas Night / Winter Solstice) (longest night of the year)
– 23./24./25. December (Christmas eve / night before)
– 31 December / 1 January (New Year’s Eve)
– 5/6 January (Epiphaniasnacht)

Already from 4.12. energy all goes to the inside – people, animals, plants and all the nature run to the inside back. On 23./24.12. the earth is an inhaled for the first time, the energy spread of a sudden to mind, emotion, feeling and body. (Visible on Barbara branch of the one at 4.12. Puts into the water, and on 23./24.12. Flourish).

The name comes from the Middle High German word for smell (haired) back, and is in the skinning as a rough goods for animal fur still in use. The nights are closely connected with rituals around the livestock, but also transformations between animals and humans or mythical hairy creature.

Have their origin in the Raunächte probably the era after a lunar year. A year of twelve lunar months contains only 354 days. Like all simple, non-intercalating lunisolar (meaning all lunar calendar, insert the no leap months to keep up with the solar year in line), the missing of the 365 days of the solar year, eleven days – and twelve nights – as dead days (which are days outside the time inserted). Of such days is generally believed that the normal laws of nature are suspended, and are therefore the usual limits on certain other worlds. In many cultures that use such a calendar system, in this period mythical and magical rituals are common, and those going back to Germanic or vorgermanische roots traditions have been preserved in tradition to the present – where the customs is how old, can not in general more exactly determined.

In those on the lunar calendar “missing” days “outside time” reflects the entire year: at each of the 12 days a month of next year will be visible. Everything we do during the day, is seen as an issue in the corresponding month of the next year. In this particular time, it is therefore important to be very clear and focused, go to the heart of the problem, and to bring everything to a satisfactory conclusion.

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