mut trainierenAsk your partner (spouse or good friend) for an exercise that would bring you out of your comfort zone. Do every day one of these suggestions.

For example: Go through the forest in the middle of the night, do a climbing course, go diving, attack a spider, climb on a high cliff, jump over a stream, speak to another person without reason, feel your body during the day and give room to it, find pleasure and meaning in thoughts that have become a sorrow. In short: Get over more and more of your fears successively.

Background and Effect:

The people who know us best also know our weak points best – the things we avoid because we are afraid of them.

Every time we overcome a fear in us, we remember that the fear was unreal. We feared nothing. We just did not know how it is when we do the one thing we are afraid of. And every time we overcome a fear it further strengthens our confidence that we can achieve all that we seek, that we can live self-determined and courageous.

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