Reserve one day the week to yourself – Don’t work on that day, but do something you enjoy doing and lets you relax. Think about your goals in life and your heart desires, let your desire lead you. Be grateful for what you have achieved – and be greatful in you mind for your friends, your family and your calling. Use this day to relax, for self-knowledge, for joy, realignment and to say thank you.

Background & Impact
This ritual corresponds to the Christian commandment “Holy Sunday” and the call for the Jewish Sabbath. Here we can recognize that our forces, our capacity for production is not unlimited, but needs to be renewed every now and then – and not through hectic Sunday excursions, but by producing inner peace and balance. This inner retreat is also particularly useful to check out our goals once again – are our heart’s desires still valid for our lives or do I want to realign myself for quite some time now?

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