Do something good for yourself!
Listen to your heart and ask it what it wants the most to feel pampered . Buy yourself an ice cream or drink a bottle of good red wine. Go to the movies or the circus, the zoo or a good museum. Stroll through a beautiful park or go hiking, sailing or do sports, if you feel like it. Buy yourself flowers. Go into a cozy restaurant. Enroll to the course that you always wanted to take. Buy your favorite tea. Take a ride. Sit on a park bench. Read that book you were planning to read a long time. Learn a new language, go on a trip. Drive to the sea and play in the sand. Sit down in the wind and let the sun shine on your skin. Paint, write, or compose something. Sit down and listen to good music. Invite your best friend to a fondue. Go play billiards and darts, or play something that gives you great joy.

Background and Effect:
If you make yourself important, stand up for yourself and show that your love yourself, you bring a lot of energy towards you and releases tension. At the same time you will be more and more able to give the same love that you give to yourself to others. Forget the pure labor and duty-ethic that you have been toughed since your earliest time. Without creative breaks and visionary direction, it is worthless to the world. A person who ignores his own needs and can not love himself, cannot love God and or his fellowmen either. Every love always comes back to ourselves.

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