Make yourself a personal wish lace of any length, in which you  craft 12 knots (or beads, glass beads, etc.). Each node stands for your new energies, ideas and desires that you want to feel in the future. Let the wish lace with slip trough your fingers every morning and internalize again your innermost desires present in the nodes.

Background & Impact
It has long been proven that the wish lace works on the principle of the conditioned reflex: when two different stimuli occur always together over a long time, they do the same later, if only one of the two stimuli (wish lace) is still present. The second stimulus (desires, strong energy) will be added automatically at touch. Who connected the contact with the wish lace with ntense positive suggestions over a long time, has to only touch the lace one day and the subconscious will immediately add the positive thoughts. The repetition of the rhythm of 12 is particularly helpful to enter our subconscious mind.

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