Invent your own ritual for breaks at work. This can be brief physical exercises that you do every hour. Or the slow, deliberate preparation of tea, or the pleasurable eating of a banana. Allow yourself a break and read something good, or just meditate. No matter what you invent, love it, do it slowly, and be aware of the fact that you are taking a break. Thank your creator for the day, for the work and for what you have accomplished so far. Recharging yourself with something that you like. At the same time think about the things that were important today.

Background and Effect:
We always believe that we have to work for something first to then be allowed to enjoy the success and free time we achieved with it. But this moment when we can sit back and start enjoying will never come- not even when we’re retired because we begin to tackle things around house and the garden. The point is: “When not now, then never.” We all tend to get carried away in our work. Especially, if the activity absorbs all our attention, as in computer work, it happens that we sit down in the morning and lift our head at night to say: “Wow, that late already?” Whenever you carry out a mentally strong demanding office activity or a monotonous and mechanical assembly-line work, it is recommended to “leave” from time to time to build up your strength and think about what is important.

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