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Bei dem ursprünglich von Bert Hellinger entwickelten Familien-Aufstellen können durch die Gruppendynamik Antworten auf persönliche oder allgemeine Fragestellungen gefunden und Verstrickungen gelöst werden.

Reconciliation with the partner (Hellinger)Versöhnung mit dem Partner (Bert Hellinger)


Partner training (male / female)

Stand a few meters apart and in front of each other an open your heart.
Look past your partner and perceive their parents and all the fortunes of his family, even the heavy ones. Do so with love.
You see yourself too, there in the distance behind the partner.
Give everything to this force that is behind you: your desires, your accusations and the  blame, everything we regret. Look at what has happened, something that has maybe hurt you. Something where you feel you guilty. You look further into the distance and give it to the movement of love. There it is canceled, only there. [...] 

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