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Holding the heart

Make friendship with your body


Holding the heartMake a promise to your body, that from now on you will give your best to listen to him and care for him. Tell him what you like on him, that you are thankful for the capabilities he is giving you. Touch him, feel inside your body, inhabit your body fully. As a sign of your new relationship, you can place your hand on your heart.

From now on, listen carefully and deep inside your body to notice the particular, fine sensations he is giving you: when you walk, when you encounter other people, when you eat, when you read, when you make sports.
Establish a love relationship with your body, notice his loving signs and give your best to react in an appropriate way: Use more clothes when he is cold, less when he is hot. Drink when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry. Choose the drinks and food that your body really asks for, and stop to eat when the hunger is over. Take a rest when your body feels tired. Notice which people attract your body, and walk towards them. Feel how strong your body is, and how much he likes movement and challenge. Give room to activity like walking, hiking, jogging, cycling – whatever you feel attracted for.
If you feel strong, unpleasant emotions, notice where exactly and how they manifest in your body. Does your belly feel tense? Do you contract muscels on your shoulders, neck or legs? Touch these parts of your body lovingly and direct your attention there, without trying to change – just observe.
Feel your muscels during every doing, and also during a rest. If you notice that you hadn’t been caring for your body, dont judge and punish yourself – simply notice, forgive, and continue to care.

Alex Grey: Kaukasian woman

Feel the body

Alex Grey: Kaukasian woman

Alex Grey: Kaukasian woman

Be aware of your body as often as possible during the day. Feel your limbs, your skin and especially your toes. Be aware of the items around you and which you are touching.

Background & Impact:
Most people aren’t aware of their body and and don’t honor it with attention – It’s such a wonderful and precious vehicle.
To what extent you already perceive your own body you can find out in a test!
Ask yourself whether or not you’re consciously aware of your toes and if you can stand upright without effort and feel the full weight of your body. The more relaxed you are the more you will feel the weight of your body without having to tense your muscles. You will realize if you’re only half-present in your body due to the fact that you are unsteady on your feet and running into a lot of things.

Shaking your body


Get up, let your head hang down to your chest and shake your whole body as much as you can. Visualize how all energetic blockages fall from you and collect on the floor at your feet. Trample all the blocks on the ground to dust. Shake and trample until your body is relaxed.

Background and effect:

Through the shaking we activate chakras and release energy blockages. Note that even animals often like to shake!

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