The eneretical effect of a bath can be greatly enhanced by the addition of salt (brine). The salt neutralizes and binds additional energy. We recommend 1-2 kg of untreated salt, dissolved in a little water for half an hour. Then fill the pan and bring it to a temperature of exactly 37 degrees. Do not use any other additives.


Because the salt in the outer stratum corneum of the skin binds water, it is also highly recommended for dry skin. The brine bath at 37 degrees corresponds exactly to the salt solution that you had as an embryo in the amniotic fluid. It has a very positive effect on your energy field, and initiates a strong cleansing of the body. If you have a cardiovascular weakness, you should consult your doctor first. In any case, a second person should be there to look after you. The concentration should be one to a maximum of eight percent (caution, very potent!).

Addition of coffee-water brings about a further purification. Caution in the use and dosage. A bath should not exceed 1 liter of brewed coffee. Stay max. 20-30 minutes in salt water.