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Die Identifizierung mit den Idealen und Vorstellungen des anderen führt dazu, dass wir Verständnis für seine/ihre Lage entwickeln.

STOP-Technik gegen negative Gefühle


Die Stopp-Technik holt uns aus ohnmachtsartigen Gefühls-Schaltungen heraus, die uns in frühkindliche Situationen und die damit verbundenen negativen Gefühle geführt haben.

Turn to your heart (Sufi Nidiaye)Sich dem Herzen zuwenden (Sufi Nidiaye)


If you want to free yourself from the involvement with thoughts and feelings and discover your heart, then sum up the first act. The decision might be: „From now on I’ll keep my attention on my heart.“
Then practice to use your intuition and listen to your heart in every situation, every encounter and with every decision you make. Feel your breath in the center of your chest and your heart as a sentient being.
If you start to draw attention to your heart and to practice it day by day, feelings will emerge in your consciousness that were previously displaced from it. These feelings need your attention. Welcome them, whatever they were and take them in your heart.
You don’t have to analyze or assess, classify or overcome them; only let them into your heart. That’s all they need to transform themselves. (…) [...] 

Stop pain now (Eckhart Tolle)Schmerz radikal beenden (Eckhart Tolle)


Make a simple but radical decision and feel it intensely: „No matter what happens, I’m going to create no more pain I will create no more problems.“

Background and Effect:
Although this is an easy choice it is very radical. You will not make it before you’re not really through with suffering; before you did not really have enough. And you’ll only be able to go through with it when you access the power of now. If you create no more pain for you, you will also create no more pain for others. And even our beautiful earth, you will no longer pollute with the negativity of the creation of problems. [...] 

Resolve major problemsGroße Probleme auflösen


If you have a problem that seems overwhelming to you, gather the facts first! Ask the following questions and answer yourself right away:
– What is the problem?
– What is the cause?
– What solutions are possible?
– What is the best solution?

Background and Effect:
Problems become overpowering if we believe that we have no influence on their development. If we feel driven by them and follow their development, rather than to actively state our wishes. Problems are only problems because we haven’t understood the new development that came into our life. That is why it is important to look at the problem on as many levels as possible and seek a solution. If all options are on the table, it’s easy to find a solution! (loosely based on Dale Carnegie)Wenn du ein Problem hast, das dir übermächtig scheint, sammle zuerst die Fakten! Stelle dir folgende Fragen und gib auch gleich die Antwort darauf: [...] 

Den Gordischen Knoten lösenSolve the Gordian knot


Wenn Du in einer sehr verfahrenen Situation steckst und keinen Ausweg mehr weist, so hau ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste einfach mitten in das größte Problem hinein. Sage und handle einfach ganz stark danach, wie dir gerade ist.

Dann halt an und beobachte was passiert.

Hintergrund & Wirkung: [...] 

The eye of the cycloneDas Auge des Zyklons


If you’re in a severe emotional crisis and your thoughts feel like a carousel – imagine that you are inside of a gigantic storm, a hurricane. Imagine this hurricane, its storm clouds and taking everything but the kitchen sink and throw it high into the air. Imagine that you are in the middle of this tropical storm, and huge gusts of wind tear on your body, let dust and soil pinch against your skin, and every now and then you get hit by a stone or the branch of a tree. You feel the vibration on your body, but no pain. You can hardly hold on with the hurricane shaking you so strongly. The wind roars around your ears with a wild, terrible howling. Finally, imagine how you let go and fly in circles with wind. Hear the roar of the wind, see the country side passing by and all objects in the cyclone.
Then move towards the center of the storm where the wind becomes weaker with time and then stops altogether. In this little area right in the middle of the hurricane, it is perfectly quiet. You hear only a distant faint roar of the wind, otherwise it is quiet. Dark clouds tower around you, but the sun shines above you and on the ground on which you stand.
Enjoy the calm in the eye of the cyclone. Imagine how your mind is relaxed. See your thoughts and life dramas chase around you like storm squalls but don’t let their energy get you, but stay away from them and watch them. [...] 

Blanko-Vergebung (Serge King)


Oftmals wirken im Hintergrund unbewusste Glaubenssätze, vor allem Schuldgefühle und Zorn auf uns selbst. Sobald wir uns diese verzeihen können, kann sich auch der Schmerz und das unangenehme Muster auflösen.

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