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Erkenne den Spiegel

Alles was in unserem Leben geschieht, ist ein Spiegel unserer Innenlandschaft und kann uns tiefe Erkenntnisse über uns selbst ermöglichen.

STOP negative feelingsSTOP-Technik gegen negative Gefühle


When destructive thoughts, feelings and expectations come up – say loudly inside of you:
– „STOP!“
– Accept and respect your feelings: Look at them fondly and let them be there. Say, „I know that you have a good reason to be there.“
– Talk to your child, tell it that it is safe, that it is OK and lovable and that you’ll take care of the pain.
– Let go of the anger: don’t pay attention to these feelings and don’t nurture them no more.
– Shake it off: shake vigorously, do something crazy, let go of your anger without acting with revenge on others. Jump or chop wood. Speak to the anger: „Yes, damn, you got me again – shake me vigorously, then it will be ok.“
– Recognize: the other isn’t to blame for your feelings, but your own wound that has been touched.
– Call the divine grace: ask the highest power in you for help and protection. She will grant it.
– Learn: Try to recognize what this anger was meant to say to you. Was it a sign that you’ve forgotten something? Or that you yourself can learn something here?
– Think about yourself: Ask your heart, where it would be like and what it would like to do. [...] 

Quick Prayer to clarify (Karol Truman)Schnell-Gebet zur Klärung (Karol Truman)


Karol Truman, author of the book „Feelings Buried Alive Never Die“

Simple script / prayer, in which a negative belief is replaced by a positive one.

„Spirit, please localize the origin of this negative feeling or set of beliefs: ____________“ (insert emotion or belief you want to release it) [...] 

Settling into beautiful feelings (Kensington)In schöne Gefühle einschwingen (Kensington)


Stell Dir etwas Schönes vor, ZB eine schöne Beziehung, einen Sonnenaufgang, ein köstliches Eis, …

Spüre in das Gefühl hinein, wo du es im Körper spürst.

Vermutlich wirst du es in deiner Herzgegend spüren, vielleicht als Ziehen, Kribbeln oder als Strahlen nach oben oder allen Seiten. [...] 

Healing of old beliefs (Bill Ferguson)Heilung alter Glaubenssätze (Bill Ferguson)


Here is the method by Bill Ferguson, author of „Heal the pain that runs your life“ paraphrased by Joe Vitale in his book „Spiritual Marketing“:

1. Write down all situations in which you felt bad and when you were angry with other people.

2. Identify the underlying beliefs, eg, „I’m not good enough“ „unloved“, „I’m worthless“, „must feel weak,“ „I can nothing to an end“, “ I’m stupid“, etc. and write them on a sheet of paper. [...] 

Durch Gefühle hindurchgehen (Samarpan)


Wenn verschiedene Gefühle kommen, die dich aus dem Augenblick werfen, so bekämpfe sie nicht, sondern beobachte und spüre sie.

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